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i'm a seattle based photographer that is available for a wide range of projects that include portraits, editorial and event coverage. visit my website at for portfolios and contact info.


tuesday pick me up; pomplamoose

these two are pure darlingness.... jess, this ones for you.

some shots from lauren's baby shower

Arielle's new little man Rowan.


sheehan family spring shoot

here are a couple of my favorite shots from our cherry tree adventure on saturday. thanks sheehans for being so cooperative and photogenic. ;)


a little friday funnie

Trip to Mammoth CA

my favorite shot of the weekend...sing with me, "you know i wish that i had jessie's smile..."

the mammoth, himself, after a long day of skiing

this was taken on the runway of mammoth's airport just after deboarding our plane...what a majestic place.

welcome to my blog

well, the time has come. after years of reading and following them, i'm biting the internet bullet and finally making one of my own...a blog.

i'm hoping to use this as a place to share what photos i'm working on, what makes me laugh and random thoughts and suggestions. i won't bore you with deep personal details, because frankly, it's not really the stuff page turners are made of. but rather i'm going to put a few funnies, songs, new stories in front of you that you wouldn't have otherwise seen, heard or read.
i can promise you it will be an awkward beginning but no doubt somewhat amusing.

anyway, hope you stick with me for a while and thanks for blog.

annie b.