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katie and john are......gooooin' to the chapel.......

come saturday night, this beautiful couple will be hubby and wifey...and i get the honor and standing up there with them while they do it.congrats my loves!!!

'The Hills', only cuter and more believable



getting awesome in austin

what am amazing time we had in good ol' austin texas. the andersons and the watsons really out did themselves. i'm already day dreaming about when we'll have a chance to go back.

here a few of my favorites from the weekend.


the rest of the picks for the saas alumni art show...

would love to hear what you think!

musical monday; Dawes

why am i just now finding out about these guys??

this pretty lady posted a preview for the movie 'lost prophets' and i instantly had to find out who was singing the hauntingly soulful song in it. turns out it's a band called Dawes. i have a sneaking suspicion that these guys will end up sitting at the top of my list of "bands i'll never get sick of"..... right next to Bon Iver.

check out their video for "Love is All I Am." it's the perfect distraction from the massive bbq/sun withdrawls that are plaguing me today.


texas bound....

well, we're off to austin texas first thing in the morning to bear witness to this guy's nuptials. i'm beyond excited. there's lots of sun, fun and bbq in my near future and there's nothin' wrong with that.

here are a few shots that have really fueled my anxious fire....

the resort where we're staying/wedding location:

6th Street (apparently the nation's live music capital)

and an excellent example of what i'm sure i'll be feeling like on sunday

have a great weekend little doggies and i'll catch ya'll on monday...


i have a store front now!

check it here to buy prints...come on, you know you want to :)


oh, hello sun. nice of you to show up....

it's friday AND it's nice out...doesn't get much better than that. so in an effort to honor our long lost friend the sun, i put together a little playlist of what i'll be blastin' on my drive home.... with all the windows down.

have a great weekend homies!

p.s. don't judge me for the miley c. song....everyone has their vices.

oh, and to scroll through the songs just hit the " >| " button....(couldn't figure out how to resize the damn thing)

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tax day gotcha down?

watch this guy bring the fun and you'll be dancing your way to the mail box. (you may have already seen it, but let's be honest, it never gets old) happy thursday folks!


headshot session with funny girl jennifer burdette

we just had a blast taking these. not only is jennifer the one that i've trusted my hair to for years but she's also an incredibly funny comedian taking the stand up world by storm. these are a few of my favorites from our day in post alley. isn't she gorgeous??


friday (kinda) funnie

ok, i'll be the first one to admit that the notebook turns me into a weepie puddle on the ground every time i watch it...but i thought this was pretty on point.


seattle academy alumni art show....

well, i've been asked to show some of my photos in the seattle academy art show this may. the deadline is quickly approaching so i've been trying to weed out my favorite/best 6-8. it's a lot harder than i initially thought it would be. being that this is the first time my work will be displayed in a public setting, i have to be sure these 6-8 photos are not only the best that i've got but that they also show my range. easier said than done. here are a few that have made the cut so far.


weekend in polaroids

well, it's back to work after a fun filled 3 day weekend. birthdays, easter and lots of eating. i put together a little collage of the polaroids i collected along the way to give you a glimpse of what i got into. hope you like...