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musical *extremely* happy hour; Tennis

i sense a summer hit!!! i challenge you to listen to this and NOT bop around in your chair, car seat, sneakers...whatever... with a raging grin on your face. go ahead, i dare you.

the album isn't set to be released until later this summer (tear)...but this faux music video will do me just fine for now. 

musical happy hour; Megafaun

somebody get me a (spiked) iced tea and a rocking chair....cause this song makes me want to head south, deep south and bask in the humid breeze of south carolina. 

also, have i mentioned how much i love the banjo? this from the girl who has no problem mocking her friends for liking country music....i'm sorry, i can't help it. it's become one of my favorite sounds. 

happy friday friends.


the museum of flight for fathers day with my boys

what a fun thing to do on father's day or on any other day for that matter. if you haven't been and you like history (even just a little) or you find impressive displays of engineering fascinating, or you just love making your dad's or anyone else who's obsessed with aviation's day....  i highly recommend heading down there. 

i was lucky enough to have both of my important men with me. patrick and my dad reg. it was like watching two kids in a candy shop. and for me, it was a great day of good ol' picture taking.

the Reg :)

photo of a photo of a guy in a wind tunnel at Boeing....


spectating the spectators at solstice

it's summer in seattle and to kick off the new season, my kooky neighborhood of fremont, is flooded with naked hippies and giddy seattlites just itching for some sun at the summer solstice parade. sadly, the sun did not come but the hippies sure did. below are some shots of the crowd that gathered (the parade was cool and all but i found the spectators even more interesting.) have a look see...and happy summer ya'll!

ummm.....MJ? is that you?


Dannamarie's wedding in Portland...

what a beautiful wedding this was. the weather couldn't have been better, the early 60's theme was precious and the couple couldn't have been cuter. i'm so glad we were able to celebrate with them....

aren't they adorable??

deviled eggs!

congrats again to the happy couple!


E3; gamers, booth babes, and a gold medalist

hello friends! my apologies for being so mia the past couple of weeks. lots has been happening. but all very good and exciting. 

this week i was fortunate enough to attend E3 with my company WB Games. there, the Studio that i work for, Snowblind Studios, unveiled the project that they have been working so hard on for the past year and a half, Lord of the Rings: The War in the North. the trip was a huge success and the game was loved by critics! so a huge WOO HOO for my fellow co-workers!

anyway, i was asked to cruise around this massive game convention and document what i saw. after 2 days at this event i ended up with 500+ images to sort through. there was so much to see and all of it....
over. the. top.

here are some of my personal fav's.

(click on the images for larger views)

 The LA Convention Center

 the WB tower at the entrance of our booth
 my boss Ryan, giving an interview about the game in front of the entrance to the demo theater
 LEGO Harry Potter (Also at our booth)

 caged zombie booth babe
 this guy is having a blast
 gamers lined up to meet the playmates....busted!
 our "booth babe" Alma from Fear 3
 fitness booth babe demoing the new Sony Kenetic
 Shaun White getting in on the booth babe action

 this is where my blood started pumping....i LOVES me some Rockband....
 they're introducing a Key Board for Rockband 3!!
 mexican wrestler dude signing autographs in between matches
 the corridor in the convention center
 the end.