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Bacon Kevin Bacon and my photojournalism debut....

ok, well maybe not photojournalism per se but exciting nonetheless.

a while back Justin of the Bacon Salt empire asked me to shoot a mock gallery opening for a bust of Kevin Bacon made out of...yup, Bacon. of course i jumped at the opportunity being that 1. i love bacon and 2. some of my shots would end up on the interwebs and that bacon lovers across the country would see my work and thus thrust me into the spot light as bacon photographer extraordinaire. ok, again...maybe not bacon photographer extraordinaire but photos in an AOL article at the very least.

anywho, i am thrilled to share with you a screen shot of the article with one of the said photos and to ask that you visit the ebay auction and throw down a bid on BKB because in the end, it's all for a good cause. oh and it's there that you can see a great shot of Patrick and BKB sharing a "moment."

And here for some hilarious comments on it all;


the Songers and an adorable baby bump

i had the privilege of taking maternity shots for my dear friends Fizzy and Andrew on what turned out to be an incredible Seattle fall day. Fizzy is SUCH a precious pregger and it's so obvious that Andrew is just ecstatic to be a dad. love you both and can't wait to meet your darling baby girl!

Murphy getting in on the action.


i am in complete and total awe of this man, Ernst Haas

Marilyn Monroe, The Misfits, Nevada, 1960
Albuquerque, New Mexico 1969 
The Kiss, 1958

Long Island, New York 1954

Snow Lovers, USA 1970
Sunbathers, Vienna, 1946-1948
Tobago Wave, Caribbean, 1968  
London Reflection, 1949

Po Valley, Italy, 1970

yah, i know. me too. 

visit his website for more of his amazing work or to read up on this incredible legend of a man.


maternity session; Jenny H.

wow. what to say....this hot little mamma is so gorgeous it seems redundant even mentioning it.....we had so much fun with this shoot....the only challenge was deciding which of the hundreds of shots to share as they were all so amazing! Jenny absolutely shines and the backdrop wasn't too shabby either. thanks for being such an incredible subject Jenny and i can't wait to meet your little man!


venice beach, ca.....normal not allowed

this last weekend i shot down to the LA area for a lovely weekend with my besties and to attend the baby shower of the incredibly gorgeous preggerlady Jenny. i was also honored to take some amazing maternity shots of her that i'm still working on but will share them as soon as i'm stay tuned for those.

in the meantime i wanted to post a few shots from our quick preflighthome afternoon in venice beach....what a circus that place is...and i say that with nothing but love cause i love me a good circus sans clowns. 

looking forward to going back and taking my time with it, because it literally felt like we were in another country...and lord knows i love to travel abroad. :)

german bros pumping it up
notice the guy with a metal detector