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shut your mouth darling; Emersonmade

good god this couple is cute. Emerson and Ryan of Emersonmade are not only model good looking but they live in a painfully adorable house out in the country, sell their gorgeously handmade products on their envy worthy website and to top it all off they style and take these j-crew catalog-esk photographs themselves.

i wonder if they're looking for a blond 29 year old daughter to adopt.....hey, you never know.

i know, right?


jigga what??

what do you get when you combine Jay-Z and Radiohead? well, you get Jaydiohead....obviously.

so clever, so cool and so nice to listen to. here's a montage; 


pretty princesses

last night we celebrated the birthdays of not one, but two sheehan princesses, Carrie and Caroline. happy birthday ladies!

for more from last night follow this link;



sun chasing; all the way to chelan

like the crazy "jet setting" kids that we are, patrick and i decided we weren't going to sit around seattle and wait for the sun to come to us but that we were going to track down those elusive rays for ourselves... where ever they may be. 

after a few weather checks in cities to the north, south, and west....we loaded up our gear and headed east. our little adventure took us all the way to chelan and back. too bad this girl caught a strange flu-thingy along the way. good thing my camera doesn't mind getting sneezed on. :)


tickle me time lapse....

if you've had a week like i have, a little mental vacation is a welcomed thing. this gorgeous video uses time lapse photography to take you seamlessly around the world while the song by Stomacher acts as the friendly stewardess in first class who provides cocktails and much needed neck rubs along the way.


oi vey, bingo wednesday

i won't lie. i'm feeling a little sluggish today. may have something to do with the copious amounts of wine that i consumed last night but good lord, was it worth it. last night my adorable and oh so talented sister hosted Bingo Night at 9 Million Unmarked Bills (the old Triangle) in Fremont and she was AMAZING! my purple chompers were out and proud, cause that girl is hilarious! so, if you find yourself in fremont next wednesday and are looking for some good "clean" bingo fun, swing by to see the cutest bingo announcer this side of the fremont bridge. love you Ry Ry!


lovely leavenworth

the weekend was packed full of lovelies, the lovely weather, a lovely drive over the mountains and through the woods, the lovely bride to be Anna-Marie and her lovely friends and getting to know my lovely new camera.


babie's comin' home

remember when i said that it was time for an upgrade? well, it's happening. i'm taking the leap and getting myself the Nikon D700 tonight. i'm so excited to take it out shooting in leavenworth this weekend!

no doubt i'll have some to share on monday. :)

so, i'll leave you with this gorgeous short that's got my inspiration juices flowing. it's shot entirely on a Nikon D90. the images in it would be just as beautiful still as they are moving.

AND the song is pretty freakin' awesome too.

happy shooting homies.

Music: Nut In Your Eye – Alcoholic Faith Mission

oh, and this one seems appropriate as well.


speaking of surprising yourself....

what if you were on a run one morning and a lake jumped in your way...would you try running across it? these guys did.


art show

well, the art opening was on friday and the pieces will be up for the remainder of may. i'll be honest, although i was pretty nervous about putting my work out there for the SAAS art world to see, it was pretty ef'n cool seeing my little babies out on display like that.

it blows my mind that one year ago i never would have imagined myself doing ANYTHING like this. so here's to surprising ourselves ;)

musical monday; Buke and Gass

last week i was listening to my favorite podcast radio lab and they featured an up and coming two person band named Buke and Gass. after listening to a couple of their songs i couldn't believe that it was only two people making all that noise. apparently their name comes directly from the instruments that they use....a Buke, which is the bass version of a ukulele (she plays it) and the Gass which is literally a guitar/bass hybrid (that he plays.) they also use a kick drum and an assortment of bells on her ankles to achieve their full and chaotic sound.
interesting stuff....

anyway, i really hope we'll be hearing more from these two....cause i'm diggin' it.


in need of a good giggle?

watch this a few times in a row....


how i wish, how i wish i was there.....

happy cinco de mayo compadres. it's raining and nasty in sea-town and i've been daydreaming about/violently missing mexico since the moment i woke up this morning. so, since i'm a sucker for self punishment, i decided to rub margarita salt into my whiny wounds by digging through some old pics from last year's trip to Huatulco, MX. actually it was there that i discovered my love for taking pictures so i thought it appropriate to share. hope you get some daydreaming joy and relaxation out of them....

hasta maƱana mis amores


mommy like......

i think it's about time for a camera upgrade.....and this pretty baby has my name all over it.

just need a few more jobs to justify if you know of anyone in need of some portraits.....well, you get my point. 

it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine....

image courtesy of Crunch Gear


manca/shaw celebrations

what a success of a wedding! the manca's really know how to throw a great party and katie was absolutely breath taking.

since i was so busy running around being a bridesmaid, i didn't get too many pics this time...but here are a few that i did manage to capture over the weekend.

congrats again to katie and john!!!

be sure to check out the rest of them here;

musical monday; Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Heroes

i'm loving this song! and now, loving the video. actually, it makes me want to hit the road with a hand full of my closest hipster/hippie friends...who's coming?