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babie's comin' home

remember when i said that it was time for an upgrade? well, it's happening. i'm taking the leap and getting myself the Nikon D700 tonight. i'm so excited to take it out shooting in leavenworth this weekend!

no doubt i'll have some to share on monday. :)

so, i'll leave you with this gorgeous short that's got my inspiration juices flowing. it's shot entirely on a Nikon D90. the images in it would be just as beautiful still as they are moving.

AND the song is pretty freakin' awesome too.

happy shooting homies.

Music: Nut In Your Eye – Alcoholic Faith Mission

oh, and this one seems appropriate as well.


  1. Dude....shooting full frame. Its amazing. We should really do some shooting together one of these days :)

  2. would LOVE to...only, I don't know any "admins" so might be tough to get in touch for such an outing :) who is this?