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sun chasing; all the way to chelan

like the crazy "jet setting" kids that we are, patrick and i decided we weren't going to sit around seattle and wait for the sun to come to us but that we were going to track down those elusive rays for ourselves... where ever they may be. 

after a few weather checks in cities to the north, south, and west....we loaded up our gear and headed east. our little adventure took us all the way to chelan and back. too bad this girl caught a strange flu-thingy along the way. good thing my camera doesn't mind getting sneezed on. :)


  1. Great pics!! I am desperately seeking sun, too. Where did you guys end up staying in EA WA? I need some travel tips, as I am pretty much clueless about EA WA unless of course, it's Pullman. : )

  2. The hearse is super creepy. :) LOVE Chelan!