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shut your mouth darling; Emersonmade

good god this couple is cute. Emerson and Ryan of Emersonmade are not only model good looking but they live in a painfully adorable house out in the country, sell their gorgeously handmade products on their envy worthy website and to top it all off they style and take these j-crew catalog-esk photographs themselves.

i wonder if they're looking for a blond 29 year old daughter to adopt.....hey, you never know.

i know, right?


  1. i love this website! i have one of their flowers and we're doing something similar with my bridesmaids. love it!

  2. Love them! I'm preparing a post for my blog (that should be out next week) about them too!!

  3. I just looked at the site and wish I could get married all over again. :( It is so cute. Damm! Why didn't we think of that. She is so cute!