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musical monday; Dawes

why am i just now finding out about these guys??

this pretty lady posted a preview for the movie 'lost prophets' and i instantly had to find out who was singing the hauntingly soulful song in it. turns out it's a band called Dawes. i have a sneaking suspicion that these guys will end up sitting at the top of my list of "bands i'll never get sick of"..... right next to Bon Iver.

check out their video for "Love is All I Am." it's the perfect distraction from the massive bbq/sun withdrawls that are plaguing me today.


  1. I love Bon Iver so I'm on my way to get this band out. Love the pictures. Can't wait to see more at the art show. -bekah

  2. I mean check this band out. ( stupid iPhone predictive text. At least it always auto corrects it's own name correctly).