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JONES soda does Bacon......and i helped.

Another bacon flavored post friends....

JONES soda just  announced a new flavor in their carbonated arsenal, Bacon. See the bottle on the left? Notice the label? That's Thee Ted Smith (from Seattle's radio show The Men's Room) dressed in a bacon suit charging down Pike Street, shot by yours truly. A few months back the guys at J&D foods asked me to take him around the city and put him in iconic Seattle settings and shoot away. There are no words to describe how insanely ridiculous and fun it was. 

So the next time you're in the grocery store swing by the soda isle and snag one of these beauties...although I can't guarantee you'll love the taste, I'm pretty sure you'll dig the label. :)

your bacon babe, annie b.

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  1. mmmm....bacon celebrity! GROSS to drink bacon though I think.