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gettin' figgy with it stomach is growling just thinking about them. we were lucky enough to be invited over to Patrick's sister Carrie's house (how's that for a mouth full) for a lovely surprise birthday dinner for her mother in law Joyce. they had a chef come in and cater an amazing dinner... the first course? figs and goat cheese with a balsamic reduction. to be perfectly honest, i had never tried a fig in my life  and was a little hesitant (since strange fruity thingies are usually not my bag) but as soon as the first bite hit my mouth i knew that these little nuggets of goodness were going to be gracing my kitchen very soon. they're not only tasty but really lovely to look at...and i LOVED how he plated them.

thanks again Eric and Carrie for a beautiful evening!

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  1. WTF? What the fig??? They do sound creepy but I honestly can't say I've had them besides in a Fig Newton. Yummy!